Centene Group produces and trades high class fiber cement boards under StoneREX brand name. Having long experience in construction and facade boards business, our principles are very simple – only the best quality boards are suitable to be used building the homes we live in with our families and other buildings, where we spend the most of our time. StoneREX cement fiber boards fulfil the strict European EN 12467 standards.

Our facade boards are mostly used in so called ventilated facade solutions, that keeps our indoor walls moisture an mold free and protect the houses in most energy saving way. Facades built respecting ventilated facade structure principles and covered with StoneREX boards, resist all kind of weather conditions and remain beautiful for decades.

Using cement fiber boards as a construction board indoors is well made choice if you are targeting strong and long-living constructions. Fiber cement boards are resistant to mold and insects and have very good fire resistance class – from A1 to B2. So using such boards building indoor or outdoor construction guarantees the good health of people and the building as well.

We are able to offer “tailor-suits” to your project: it is possible to order boards cut to the right size according to the projects, colored to the desired color solutions, numbered and packed in most time-saving way for fast installation. We provide accessories such as colored screws, laths and tapes needed for correct installation as well.

If you want to be our products reseller in your country or you are looking for best choice of cement fiber boards for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to share our business and experiences with you!