Palette RIGO description

Fiber cement board is perfect for ventilated facade systems to ensure a good indoor climate for homes and save energy costs, while contributing to the pursuit of climate neutrality.

StoneREX Palette RIGO is a unique 3D facade material that provides an opportunity to play with light and shadows. The facade tile is also ideal for indoor use!

StoneREX Palette RIGO facade tiles are characterized by a peculiar relief form, which is ensured by milled straight grooves and which create a unique three-dimensional appearance. The grooves of the slab give character and depth to the structure of the building. The changing light angle adds a special shade to the facade material at any time.

Stonerex Palette RIGO

Available in up to 12 colors with a hydrophobic finish.

The product is characterized by uneven colors and small surface defects.

By touch: structural, embossed, deep.

The appearance is full of possibilities and changes depending on the point of view and gives playfulness to the architect both in interior and exterior finishing.

Colors, although very carefully reproduced, may vary from the original colors. The choice of color must be decided on the basis of the supplied samples, bearing in mind that there is a possible shade difference between different batches and that each tile is unique.

We recommend an installation that allows rainwater to flow down the facade.



  • fireproof (does not ignite, does not spread fire);
  • maintenance free
  • resistant to extreme temperatures and freezing;
  • waterproof (use according to the instructions for use);
  • resistant to many living organisms (fungi, bacteria, insects, pests, etc.);
  • resistant to many chemicals;
  • environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful gaseous emissions;
  • strong, rigid panels

Standard Dimension– mm

2500 x 1200 mm

3000 x 1200 mm

3050 x 1200 mm

Exterior thickness – mm

10 mm

12 mm