Fire resistant board with best fire classification (A1) for demanding constructions

When the construction project must withstand heat, moisture, shocks and wearing, choose StoneREX Fireproof

stonerex fireproof boardWe take building buildings seriously. The best ideas in building materials appear in StoneREX Fireproof fire resistant board, which does not leave any room for improvement. When the construction project must withstand heat, moisture, shocks and wearing, choose StoneREX Fireproof.

Under the roof and inside the walls human beings store their most valuable assets, family members, pets, workplaces and hobbies. The buildings are only so good as what they are built with.

Demanding construction projects

The purpose of the building dictates often the standards for the building materials used.  Wear, moisture, heat and noise should be taken into account already when designing the buildings so that expensive fixes can be avoided. StoneREX Fireproof is a fire reisistant fiber cement board, which only feature is not the fire protective nature of the board. StoneREX Fireproof is fully non-dissolving material and therefore it suits well for use in the food and medical industry.

Cost-effective solution

The fiber cement board combines the strength of the stone with lightness of the construction board. By using StoneREX Fireproof one can achieve easily strength and noise resistance found in brick walls.  The board does not require separate paint as it withstands wear and moisture even without painting.

Tough in use, not harmful for the environment

The fiber cement board are manufactured with non-harmful natural materials and fibers without harmful asbestos. StoneREX Fireproof does not contain any health hazardous materials. The manufacturing of fiber cement boards is energy efficient and if replaced with new materials, it is 100% re-usable.

Best fire classification A1

Strong and durable StoneREX Fireproof does not lose its features due to moisture, shocks or heat. StoneREX Fireproof belongs to the best fire classification A1.

Easy to install

StoneREX Fireproof installation is easy. The board can be cut with normal wood cutting tools. The board can be cut by just making a cutting line and by bending the board along the line. The boards are installed with sunk head screws (42)(25-45mm)  in order to allow utilizing fillers and surface materials.

Alternatively one can use low headed screws. The board are installed along the edges. StoneREX Fireproof can be also delivered with predrilled holes on long sides and with base paint.

Technical parameters
Size standard 9/12 x 1200 x 3050 mm
Weight for 1 m2 9,9/13,2 kg
Density, ± 150  kg/m3 1100 kg/m3
Bending strength, along 11,0 MPa     dry
5,0 MPa      wet
Bending strength, across 8,0 MPa       dry
4,0 MPa       wet
Elastic modulus 7 000 N/mm2
Water absorption 32 %
Class EN12467     NT С31
Thermal expansion coefficient 0,02 mm/m K
Thermal conductivity 0,9 Wt/m K
Vapour permeability 450  ng/m²s
Frost resistance not applicable
The fire resistance class A1
Temperature range up to 150°C

StoneREX Fireproof Safety Data Sheet