Through coloured facade boards have extremely natural appearance and premium quality

Boards are reinforced with mineralized cellulose fibres, they have smoothed surface and rectified edges

Twelve different through colored shades give StoneREX Palette boards an extremely natural appearance, which is their main feature. Its excellent mechanical characteristics make it one of the most suitable cladding materials for reliable, elegant and high quality solutions. Masscolored cement fiber boards are asbestos free double pressed and autoclaved flat sheets.  Boards are reinforced with mineralized cellulose fibres, they have smoothed surface and rectified edges. They are through coloured and respond to the European standards EN 12467:2012.

Technical details
Density (dry) ≥1,6 kg/dm³
Max water absorption* – untreated sheets ≤ 25%
Max water absorption* – hydrophobic sheets ≤ 9%
Max water absorption* – UV treated sheets ≤ 3%
Natural humidity 10 ÷ 15%
Movement in extreme weather conditions/temperature and moisture conditions -5°C ÷ 100°C; 20 ÷ 90% 1,5 mm/m
Thermal conductivity 0,36 W/mK
Thermal expansion coefficient 0,00001 °C-1
Fire rating class A2 – s1, d0
Freeze resistance optimum
Oils, acids, bases, salts resistance good
Waterproof – inalterability absolute
Wear resistance good
Durability classification (EN 12467:2012) category A
Strength classification (EN 12467:2012) (wet) untreated sheets class 4 ≥ 18 N/mm²
Strength classification (EN 12467:2012) (wet) Idrofobic -UV treated sheets class 5 ≥ 24 N/mm²
Bending strength (dry):
– perpendicular rupture to fibres 32 N/mm²
– parallel rupture to fibres 22 N/mm²
Standard sizes (mm) 2500×1200-2500×1250
Tolerances on nominal dimensions Level 1 ± 2 mm lenght
± 1 mm width
Tolerances on straightness of edges Level 1     0,1%
Tolerances on squareness of edges Level 1     2mm/m
Tolerances on thickness for smooth sheets ± 0,2 mm
Compression resistance 40 N/mm²
Resilience 2 Nmm/mm²
E modulus of elasticity (dry) 13.000 N/mm²
Superior caloric power 0,14 MJ/kg
Vapour resistance factor 45
CE marked product EN 12467:2012

*wet over dry

12 natural colors to choose from. Colors may be slightly different depending on the batch.

Boards have three different treatments: