Premium fiber cement board for demanding needs

An excellent, fire resistant board, for all kinds of construction

StoneREX Premium Basic is an untreated smooth fiber cement board for all kind of constructions. Board has natural gray color as concrete and can be used for different construction elements as building board without any treatment. The board’s strength is similar to concrete, it is resistant to weather conditions, fire (fire resistance class A2), freezing temperatures, insects, mold and sun’s UV radiation. Premium Basic boards do not contain harmful substances for human health or environment and they help to create healthy internal environment in the buildings. Our colored facade boards StoneREX Premium Color and StoneREX Premium Structure as well as stone chip covered boards StoneREX Premium Granit are produced using this very durable and strong basic board.


The boards must be assembled without exposing them to pressure. The bending of the boards due to pressure could damage the board’s or base wall structures’ joints and attachment points. Carbide saw blades K10, DIN 4990 are the best for cutting of the boards. The cutting speed is 2 – 2.5 meters per second and feeding rate 3 – 3.5 meters per minute. Holes should be drilled at least three millimeters larger than the holes in the base wall structure. The boards should be assembled with minimum of five millimeters seams.

Storing and transportation

The boards should be stored and transported on flat surface and kept dry. The boards should be supported for the entire board area to avoid bending. The boards must be carried always on their side. Stacks of boards should not be higher than one meter. The boards must be protected from humidity at the work place using waterproof covers or storing the boards under roof.

Technical parameters
Size standard6/8/10 x 1200 x 3050 mm
Materialcement, fiber, filler
Weight 1 m2 8 mm 13,2 kg, 10 mm 16,5 kg
Density, ± 150  kg/m31650 kg/m3
Bending strength, along30,0 MPa      dry
18,0 MPa      wet
Bending strength, across24,0 MPa       dry
15,0 MPa       wet
Elastic modulus15 000 N/mm2
Water absorption10 %
ClassEN12467     NT A31
Thermal expansion coefficient0,01 mm/m K
Thermal conductivity0,6 Wt/m K
Vapour permeability200 ng/m²s
Frost resistance>150 cycles
The fire resistance classA2
Temperature rangeup to 80°C