Premium fiber cement board covered with natural stone chips for natural facades

Choose between 16 different colors of natural stone chips

StoneREX Premium Granit cement fiber board is used for building natural looking facades but the boards can also be used for different construction elements such as agricultural building projects. The board’s strength is similar to concrete and it is capable of absorbing shocks. It is also resistant to weather, freezing temperatures as well as mould and sun’s UV radiation. The board can also withstand insects and other biological elements.

Covering the facades of buildings with StoneREX Premium Granit cement fiber facade boards reduces costs on energy, enhances ventilation of the facades and makes the building moisture and mould resistant. Boards do not contain harmful substances for human health and environment and they help to create healthy internal environment in the buildings. Moreover boards are strong and resistant against wear and mechanical impact, they are frost and moisture resistant, maintenance-free and preserve their good appearance for years.

StoneREX Premium Granit board advantages

• strong, wear and impact resistant
• resistant to temperature and moisture fluctuations caused by weather conditions
• with very good thermal insulation
• facilitating ventilation in the buildings
• with good cold and moisture resistance properties
• non-combustible
• insect and mould resistant
• with very good sound insulation properties do not contain substances hazardous to health
• installation is easy and does not depend on the season
• maintenance-free
• durable

Technical details
Size 10/12 x 1200 x 3050 mm (max)
Weight 16,1/19,4 kg/m2
Density 1650 kg/m3
Fire class A2-s1,d0

StoneREX Premium Granit Safety Data Sheet

Round head winged screw for wood carcass (no need to drill a hole first)
EPDM seal between plate and sarking.
External joint lath
Horisontal lath/splash plate
Vertical lath