Colored board with unique surface structure for various facade designs

Suits best for large surfaces where ornaments or fine and outstanding highlights can be created

Premium Structure colored board gives architects wide opportunities for facade designs with range of colors, alternative sizes and different ways to affix the boards. The unique surface technology guarantees durability and makes the material very resistant to scratches or any other mechanical wear. Due to structural surface material, the board stays clean as rain water washes the dust from the board surface.

StoneREX offers high quality and durability for demanding building projects. The easiness of service and wide range of colors make this product excellent alternative also for the interior surfaces.

Because of the simple installation method, the product’s installation is easy and not time consuming. The boards are attached to the supporting steel, aluminium or wooden wall structure with the designed appearance with rivets or screws.

Esthetic added value

StoneREX’s wide range of colors and structural surface make it a pre-eminent facade material for the modern architectural designs. The board is the best for the large surfaces, where the designer wants to create ornaments or fine and outstanding highlights.

Technical details 
Size1200 x 3050 mm
Thickness8 / 10 mm
Weight13,8 / 17,1 kg/m2
Density1650 kg/m3
Fire classA2-s2,d0
Category, classNT A3 I
Bending strength (dry): 
– perpendicular rupture to fibres18 MPa
– parallel rupture to fibres24 MPa
Bending strength (wet): 
– perpendicular rupture to fibres 12 MPa
– parallel rupture to fibres 15 MPa
Max water absorption 11%
Standard EN 12467:2012

Boards can be in thousands of colors based on RAL, NCS or Monicolor according to the color maps.