Cement-bonded particleboard with wooden or slate stone surface for various facade designs

StoneREX Profile Color is cement-bonded particleboard with embossed surface imitating the texture of wood or slate. StoneREX Profile Color board with wood structure is the ideal solution to replace wood on your facade, that requires high maintenance in our weather conditions. It can be installed like any wooden facade alternatives. It does not rot, crack, warp or require repainting as natural wood does – it will resist all the difficult weather conditions and remain unchanged and beautiful. The board is treated with primer coat and final color in shades pursuant to RAL or NCS color tables. and can be 10 or 12 mm thick.

Original designs and effects

Due to wide range of colors it is possible to create outstanding effects with StoneREX Profile Color wooden or stone texture boards. Original architectural designs can be created by combining different materials with boards. Thanks to its decorative look StoneREX Profile Color boards are primarily used as facade cladding boards in exteriors as well in interiors.

Technical parameters
Size standard 10/12 x 1250 x 3350 mm
Density 1350 kg/m3
Bending tensile strength acc. to EN 310 min. 11.5 N/mm2
Tensile strength perpendicular to the board plane acc. to EN 319 min. 0.63 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity acc. to EN 310 min. 6,800 N/mm2
Water absorption by the board when stored in water for 24 hours max. 16 %
Reaction to fire acc. to EN 13 501-1 A2-s1, d0
Thermal expansion coefficient acc. to EN 13 471 10 × 10-6 K-1
Airborne sound insulation according to Czech standard CSN 73 0513, th.8 to 40mm 30 dB – 35 dB
Diffusion resistance factor according to DIN EN ISO 12572, th.8 to 40 52.8 – 69.2
Resistance to frost at 100 cycles according to EN 1328 RL = 0.97
pH of the board material 12,5
Mass balanced humidity at 20° and a relative humidity of 50% according to EN 634-1 9.50%

Boards can be in thousands of colors based on RAL, NCS or Monicolor according to the color maps.