Breathing and moisture resistant board to protect the insulation in the outer walls

StoneREX Windshield boards protect walls from wind, frost and resist moisture keeping the heat inside and cold outside. The boards have been designed to protect the insulation in the outer walls. Windshield boards enable moisture from inside of the building to pass through due to its low vapour transmission resistance. Therefore insulation can be placed directly against the inner side of the board. StoneREX Windshield is strong and resistant to the mold, moisture and protect buildings from insects. Boards have excellent fire resistant class (fire class A2-s1,d0) and sound barrier properties.

Installation and storing

StoneREX Windshield boards are easy to install. Boards can be cut with normal saws used for wood cutting and the installation can be done by using normal screws or even nails. However, fiber cement boards are easiest to cut with carbide blade saws. The boards should be stored and transported on flat surface and kept dry. The boards should be supported for the entire board area to avoid bending. The boards must be carried always on their side. Stacks of boards should not be higher than one meter. The boards must be protected from humidity at the work place using waterproof covers or storing the boards under roof.

Technical parameters
Size standard 6/9 x 1200 x 3050 mm
Material cement, fiber, filler, mica
Weight (9 mm thickness) for 1 m2 11,2 kg
Density, ± 150  kg/m3 1400 kg/m3
Bending strength, along 19,0 MPa      dry
11,0 MPa      wet
Bending strength, across 14,0 MPa       dry
9,0 MPa       wet
Elastic modulus 10 000 N/mm2
Water absorption 18 %
Class EN12467     NT B21
Thermal expansion coefficient 0,01 mm/m K
Thermal conductivity 0,8 Wt/m K
Vapour permeability 560 ng/m²s
Frost resistance >25 cycles
The fire resistance class A2
Temperature range up to 80°C

StoneREX Windshield Safety Data Sheet