An excellent fire-resistant board for all kinds of construction

Board type: Cement-bonded particleboard
Through colored: no
Thickness: 8, 10, 12, 14 … 40 mm
Can be cut to suitable size: yes
Surface: smooth surfaced
Colors: cement gray
Fire class: A2- s1, d0
Basic size: 3 350 x 1 250 mm

StoneREX Basic cement-bonded particleboard is a smooth-surfaced concrete-colored construction board.

The main components are cement and fine wood chip fractions. Due to its strength and good weather resistance, StoneREX Basic cement-bonded particleboards are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as a covering material for walls, floors and ceilings.

The boards have good fire resistance (non-flammable – fire resistance class A2), impact resistant and good sound insulation. The boards are used for the construction of load-bearing floors and for covering internal surfaces if a strong, fireproof and well-sound-insulated surface that is also moisture and mold resistant is desired. Slabs are lighter in volume than cast concrete or fibre-cement slabs, making them more suitable for applications where the weight of the material is important.

The boards are available as raw slabs, painted in all colors of the NCS or RAL catalog or covered with natural stone chips.

StoneREX Basic boards are:

Fire resistant

StoneREX cement-bonded particleboards without surface treatment are fire-resistant and their classification according to the reaction to fire class of the European standard EN… is A2… d0 non-flammable. StoneREX cement-bonded particleboards with surface treatment are classified according to the reaction to fire class of the European standard EN.

Environment friendly

StoneREX cement bonded particleboards are ecological and environment friendly. They contain no hazardous substances such as asbestos and formaldehyde and they are resistant to petrol and oils.


StoneREX cement bonded particleboards are frost resistant, tested successfully by 100 freezing-defrosting cycles pursuant to EN 1328 standard.

Weather resistant

StoneREX cement bonded particleboards is the best material for wet rooms and weather-exposed exteriors for its excellent humidity resistance.

Hygienic harmless

StoneREX boards are hygienic harmless, odourless and contain no hazardous substances.

Perfect sound barrier

StoneREX boards provide for acoustic insulation (sound transmission loss 30 – 35 dB).

Fungi and mould resistant

Moulds are not formed on the board surface thanks to the StoneREX board resistance to humidity.

Insect resistant

StoneREX cement bonded particleboards are absolutely insect resistant thanks to their cement content.