Cement fiber board for outdoors and indoors.

StoneREX Palette Pigmenta cement fiber boards are mass-dyed cement fiber boards primarily used for covering external facades in ventilated facade solutions.

However, they are also suitable for indoor use as wall and ceiling covering material. The mass-painted tiles are additionally coated with a color chosen according to the NCS or RAL color chart and possess good UV resistance.

There are 12 basic shades available, directly inspired by nature. Mass-dyed tiles have gained immense popularity among architects and designers worldwide, making them the preferred choice for fiber cement tiles currently. StoneREX Palette Pigmenta tiles stand out from others due to their mechanical strength and low moisture absorption.

The tiles undergo a double pressing and autoclaving process, followed by being coated with a special paint. Autoclaving completes the concrete curing, which typically takes almost two years during conventional concrete production. In contrast, autoclaving ensures a controlled environment within a few days, preventing the subsequent release of minerals or salts, which can occur with non-autoclaved products.

The moisture absorption of StoneREX Palette Pigmenta tiles is significantly lower than that of similar tiles, enabling them to resist dirt absorption, maintain their chosen color, avoid graying, and facilitate easy cleaning. Over time, solar radiation generally has the most impact on altering the tile’s tone. To counter this effect, StoneREX Pigmenta tiles are coated with a special UV-resistant and anti-graffiti paint.


  • Mechanical strength – strength class 5
  • Fire resistant – fire resistance class A2
  • Coated with UV resistant coating and graffiti protection
  • Rodent, insect and mold resistant
  • A moisture-resistant surface coating that ensures low moisture absorption of the tiles
  • They retain color because they do not absorb dirt with moisture
  • They wash well
  • Installation is quick and easy regardless of the season
  • The base of the board is mass-painted, and the surface color can be selected from the NCS or RAL color catalog


Cement fiber boards are made of cement, fiber and additives that help reduce the water absorption of the boards. The use of color pigments in the cement mixture gives the tiles their tone. The tiles do not contain substances dangerous to health or the environment. StoneREX Palette Pigmenta mass-dyed tiles are registered and their composition evaluation method checked and audited in the Swedish BASTA register – the purpose of the BASTA register is to distinguish construction products that are safe for people and the environment, so the choice between different construction products is simple – if the product has BASTA registration, it is both for people and the environment with a safe product: https://www.bastaonline.se/


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