The color world of Palette Spectra

StoneREX Palette SPECTRA is a comprehensive collection of colors that spans the entire visible spectrum. This innovative color system is designed to help artists, designers, and other creative professionals achieve the precise colors they need for their projects.


Discover the vibrant world of StoneREX painted range panels, where you can bring your facades and interior designs to life with our extraordinary Spectra colors.

Our StoneREX Spectra Boards offer a high-performing solution with standard finishing, through colored bases, full color applied surfaces, and colored beveled edges.

Choose from a variety of shades to recreate any color from the NCS range and bring your vision to life. For on-site cuttings done purely for aesthetic reasons, we recommend sealing the cut edges with the same color as the surface before setting the boards.

Let StoneREX Spectra add some vibrant colors to your world!

StoneREX Spectra is available in all NCS color ranges, with 12 main tones inspired by nature. Mass-painted cement fiber boards are primarily used for covering external ventilated facades, but they are also suitable for wall and ceiling materials indoors. StoneREX Palette Spectra boards stand out for their mechanical strength, fire-resistance, and low moisture absorption, making them rodent, insect, and mold-resistant. Our boards preserve the chosen color tone, do not turn gray, and are easy to wash.

StoneREX Spectra is a high-quality product that is quick and easy to install, regardless of the season. The base of the board is mass painted and the surface color tone can be selected from the NCS or RAL color chart. The boards are made of cement, fiber, and additives that reduce water absorption and do not contain substances that are harmful to health or the environment.

Choose StoneREX Spectra for a long-lasting and beautiful finish for your interior and exterior designs. Our UV-resistant and graffiti-resistant coating ensures that the boards remain vibrant and colorful for years to come. 

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Available Dimensions and Thicknesses

Twelve different through colored shades give StoneREX Palette boards an extremely natural appearance, which is their main feature. Its excellent mechanical characteristics make it one of the most suitable cladding materials for reliable, elegant and high quality solutions. Masscolored cement fiber boards are asbestos free double pressed and autoclaved flat sheets.  Boards are reinforced with mineralized cellulose fibres, they have smoothed surface and rectified edges. They are through coloured and respond to the European standards EN 12467:2012.


In addition to the standard formats, StoneREX provides the possibility of supplying customizable cuts to size.

Standard Dimension– mm

2500 x 1200 mm

3000 x 1200 mm

Exterior thickness – mm

8 – 10  – 12 mm

Interior thickness – mm

8 mm

Product manuals


Installation guide for wood and steel frame