Palette SPECTRA- cement fiber board with UV-resistant color for ventilated facades

StoneREX Palette Spectra fiber cement boards are double pressed, autoclaved, and industrially painted, resulting in a smooth surface. Moreover, when placing an order, you have the flexibility to select the base plate color from a range of 12 shades. Surface colors are offered in all RAL or NCS colors, with the application of UV-resistant acrylic paint.

An added advantage is that when cutting the boards, there is no necessity to paint over the edges or treat them for moisture resistance. This feature enhances the convenience and efficiency of the installation process, saving valuable time and effort.

The boards stand out for their excellent mechanical properties: the strength level is the highest i.e. 5, fire resistance class A2-s1,d0. Boards are mainly used as facade covering material in ventilated facade systems.

The product is a flat fiber cement board according to standard EN 12467:2012+A2:2018. Specifications and test methods


In the colorful color world of Palette Spectra, you can create truly unique and outstanding combinations with the help of colors, thereby bringing the facade or interior to life. Moreover, cement fiber boards, predominantly employed for covering ventilated facades, also prove to be suitable for indoor use as wall and ceiling covering material.

Additionally, Spectra fiber cement boards are coated with UV-resistant paint, ensuring a fresh and vibrant facade appearance that can last for decades. Notably, StoneREX Palette Spectra stands out as a high-quality product that can be effortlessly and swiftly installed regardless of the season.

Furthermore, these fiber cement boards are crafted from cement, fiber, and additives, specifically designed to minimize water absorption and completely free from any harmful substances that may impact health or the environment.

Consequently, by utilizing StoneREX Palette Spectra, you have the opportunity to bestow your interior and exterior spaces with an enduring, exquisite finish.

Let StoneREX Palette Spectra add vibrant colors to your world!

BASE COLORS AND DIMENSIONS. 12 natural colors to choose from

Available Dimensions and Thicknesses


  • Mechanical strength – strength class 5
  • Fire resistant – fire resistance class A2
  • Coated with a UV resistant coating
  • Rodent, insect and mold resistant
  • A moisture-resistant surface coating that ensures low moisture absorption of the tiles
  • They retain color because they do not absorb dirt with moisture
  • Easy to wash, maintenance-free
  • Installation is quick and easy regardless of the season
  • The base of the board is mass-painted, and the surface color can be selected from the NCS or RAL color catalog

Standard Dimension– mm

2500 x 1200/1250 mm

3000 x 1200/1250 mm

3050 x 1200/1250 mm

Exterior thickness – mm

8 – 10  – 12 mm

Interior thickness – mm

6 – 8 mm 

Places of use

  • facade plate for ventilated facades
  • balcony railings and partitions, ceiling tiles
  • wind boxes, roof edges, eaves, window panes
  • interior (walls, ceilings, partitions)

Product manuals


Installation guide for wood and steel frame


TDS StoneREX Palette Spectra ENG