In the process of working with fibre cement boards you should follow directions as follows:

Installation guides

Storage, handling and maintenance


  • The number of boards in a package should not exceed 50 panels, you should not put more than three packages above each other during transportation.


  • Facade boards have to have polyethylene film between them, otherwise they will lead to sticking plates together and damaging the coating.
  • Boards must be stored in a horizontal position only.
  • Boards must be stored under a shed or indoors.
  • If boards are stored outdoors even unopened pallets should be covered with a film, so that moisture does not drip onto the package. Moisture causes the damage of the coating.
  • When you open the pallets each board should be handled with care not to scratch the surface of the panel.

Before installing

  • Be sure to check the date of issue. Boards of different batches may be of different shades.
  • Make sure that packaging has no defects. If you see any damage, contact your re-seller or other representative of StoneREX.
  • After the board was installed, it shall be considered accepted.
  • Always use at least two persons to move the boards. When transporting the boards should be kept in an upright position to prevent damage.

After installing

  • StoneREX facade boards do not require special care. If necessary, they can be washed with water without a lot of pressure, using a mild soap solution.